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Illuminating the face with peter hurley An Obvious Progression From Peter Hurley's First Tutorial In Fstoppers teamed up with Peter Hurley to. Buy Fstoppers Video: Peter Hurley: Illuminating the Face (Download) featuring Presented by Peter Hurley, Hour Video Tutorial In-Depth Lighting Techniques . In Illuminating the Face (produced by Fstoppers), Peter shares his knowledge of how to light a face with hours of technical lighting.

Peter Hurley has just released a highly detailed and informative tutorial on lighting faces. 4+ hours long, Hurley takes you right up from the. Now, three years later, Peter Hurley returns with another tutorial called Illuminating The Face. This is the next logical release after The Art Behind The Headshot. Workshop Overview: From Peter's signature headshot look to his portrait work, everything he does stems from his ability shape and control light on the face.

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