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Velocity datetool

Fields inherited from class didveli.comConfig · DEFAULT_FORMAT, FORMAT_KEY Constructor and Description. DateTool(). extended by didveli.comol Tool for working with Date and Calendar in Velocity templates. It is useful for. Below is a snippet of Velocity code with examples on how to use dateTool #set ($ thisDoc = $didveli.comument()) ## This just.

The DateTool is a Velocity viewtool which provides methods to manipulate and display dates and times in Velocity. The following example shows how the Date. This page provides Java code examples for didveli.comc. DateTool. The examples are extracted from open source Java projects. Velocity Date tool: get and format: Date Tool «Velocity «Java.

After few hours of searching it turns out to be quite trivial: just add one more line when initializing model: private void sendMail(final Object. I'm a Velocity newbie and have not been able to use the DateTool properly. I understand the methods but have not been successful coding. Tool for working with {@link Date} and {@link Calendar}in Velocity templates. It is useful for accessing and formatting the "current" date as well as for formatting. A reusable library and example code in Velocity for Cascade. - wingmingchan/ velocity. use $_DateTool to turn the Calendar object to a Date object.

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