Sacred 2 fallen angel save game editor download

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Sacred 2 fallen angel save game editor

Sacred 2 Character Editor allows you to edit your attributes, skills, combat arts the contents of the zip file into your Sacred 2 save game folder. Sacred 2 Character Editor Guide - How to modify save games without scripting Introduction: Have you ever made a mistake with your char. Sometimes the game puts a specific value the editor is searching for in the other place of the save file. Playing the character can cause the.

14 May - 4 min - Uploaded by William E I have never really played the game. So this is rather showing off the tool than a tutorial since I. Does anyone know where I can find a save game editor? .org/forums/index. php?/topic/editor-for-fallen-angelpatch/?p= The site is in polish, You AS in when I go to select a saved game, the files don't show up at all. #3.

This can mod: XP - Available Skills - Available Skillpoints - Available Statpoints - Gold Enjoy!. After you open it go into file contents and extract the Spoiler. [IMG] Now you open the Sacred 2 Fallen Angel - Editor v Spoiler. Duplicate Items Savegame Editing: Use this method to easily gain more money, runes, etc. First, locate your Sacred 2 savegame files on your. Game Title: Sacred 2: Fallen Angel Game ID: 4B4D07D1 Mods Wanted: of runes on your combat arts and an inventory editor also a level editor for it as Modded save: The Tech Game - Sacred 2 level hunting dryade.

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