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Pop hold it down

"POP hold it down" is a line that became popular after being used by convicted convict Donna Goudeau during her arrest in Port Arthur. P.O.P. stands for pussy over penis and hold it down means to represent. Lesbians represent!. Phrase that refers to a popular Vine video which took a phrase from a YouTube video of a women explaining her excuse for a crime she was.

Donna Goudeau, a woman who was featured in a viral video saying "P.O.P hold it down," isn't dead, and she was not murdered in prison. PORT ARTHUR, TX – It is being reported that Donna Goudeau, the woman who is known for saying “POP Hold it down”, “barely”, and “I'm legally blind”, was. P.O.P hol' It dawn (down)” while sitting in the back of a police car. Well, although the video was rather funny the story behind it was very.

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