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Three dragons toolkit

Three Dragons has developed a number of models to help in the decision- making process. Three Dragons works regularly with local authorities, individual . use of an Excel based model we originally developed for the GLA – the. Three Dragons Toolkit – which enables us to test the impact on residual land value of. (Three Dragons Toolkit). Introduction. Developments comprising 10 residential units or more require a proportion of affordable housing. Where this is required.

The toolkit provides a review of the development economics Three Dragons, Turner & Townsend, Housing Futures Ltd and Troy. Section specialises in producing Section Viability Assessments, using Three dragons Toolkit, HCEAT and GLA Toolkit to reduce Section costs. The development appraisal tool is a site specific development viability tool that is available to any organisation that wishes to use it.

This report is not a formal land valuation or scheme appraisal. It has been prepared using the Three. Dragons toolkit and is based on district level data supplied. Financial viability assessments (using recognised industry software such as the HCA/GVA Grimley Toolkit or the Three Dragons/GLA Toolkit); Land search for. became common place (e.g Three Dragons Toolkit) with some local authorities valuers, and surveyors sprang up offering their services on the use of toolkits. There was a clear conflict of evidence between the two sides, using the 'Three Dragons' program (or 'toolkit') for assessing the viability of the.

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