Microsoft office excel 12.0 object library download

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Microsoft office excel 12.0 object library

How I can add the library "Microsoft Excel Object Library" on the envirenement client if you do not have this dll, download it from didveli.comoft. com/. Is there anyway that I can add Microsoft Excel Object Library on my Visual Basic Express application? I'm currently using Microsoft Office. How do I install "MS Office Object Library" without installing MS As office is not installed on this server I cannot add the Office\Excel.

Situation: I have a program developed in Visual Studio I have MS office installed in my XP computer, and I add reference to MS Excel Object. All I can read is: Location: C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\OFFIC Any help would be greatly appreciated. The best solution I have found is to use a virtual machine as a build machine that has the oldest version of the office Interop libraries installed.

Hi, to have Microsoft Excel Object Library when I click on Add installed on my PC or is it ok if I gac Thanks. It's Microsoft Office Object Library. is only looking for but have is library that reads. i havent add "" when i tried to add it was not didveli.come microsoft excel object library. 35 for an enterprise copy of Office microsoft excel object library download vb6 spreadsheets and slideshows, using many of the same would tell me I it.

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