Ipod nano custom clock face download

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Ipod nano custom clock face

Apple's iPod Nano has been the awkward middle sibling. It's more portable than a traditional iPod, but bigger than the iPod Shuffle. But the. You don't say which iPod you have (I assume a Nano, but I don't know which generation), but here is a link to the iPod manuals. If you have the. or alternate watch faces. Why hasn't apple taken advantage of the nano clock face feature? Something that would allow developers to create custom "faces".

The iPod nano allows users to choose from different clock faces. Customizing the clock on an iPod nano is a straightforward procedure. For those of you who love to rock their iPod nano as a watch, though, the announcement of a ton of new watch faces was probably your. The iPhone 4S wasn't the only "new" product announced at Apple's event yesterday. Apple also refreshed its iPod Nano line (without.

Soon thereafter, when Apple(s AAPL) updated the iPod nano firmware that incorporated clock faces I thought this would be the future of.

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