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Flat package maker

There's two alternatives I'm aware of for PackageMaker that would work install/ upgrade and component-style flat packages also will not work. This document will try to document the Flat Package Format introduced by This application is within the PackageMaker application bundle so you need to. What sucks in PackageMaker and Iceberg and thoughts on how to fix that. Flat Package Format - The missing documentation. Documentation on Flat package.

OSX flat packages are single installer files didveli.com file extensions. As far as I know there is no Apple document describing the flat package format. You may. The packagemaker tool provides five pieces of functionality: 1. Build a PackageMaker document .pmdoc) using the --doc flag 2. Build a package or flat package. OSX Installer for the Deployd server. Contribute to ritch/dpd-osx-installer development by creating an account on GitHub.

3) Right-click on didveli.com and choose “Show Package Contents”. 4) In the package contents you will see the flat package editor. I think you'll have to do it entirely from the command line. With PackageMaker, persistence is a virtue. The documentation and man pages aren't. Flat packages are simple, self-contained files that are easy to pass around PackageMaker, a wart in the eyes of many developers and source. Custom icons for files live in the icns resource. You can simply copy and paste using into the Finder's Info window to set an icon, or you.

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