Diabolik lovers game english patch download

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Diabolik lovers game english patch

I translate the Chinese patch of Diabolik Lovers into English. Karin Entertainment Sherlock Holmes otome game will be released on March. So i decided to add english sub to Diabolik Lovers ~Haunted Dark Bridal~ since alot of people wanted to play the game but no patch was. The game was never released state side. You would have to download the Japanese version and find an English Patch if you don't.

(Imma use Diabolik Lovers as an example). All you have to do is look up something like "Diabolik Lovers: Haunted Dark Bridal English. Download all parts of this "Diabolik Lovers Game English Download" game and extract with Winrar. Download Recommended emulator. in Fuwanovel, I hope there would be a Diabolik Lover Eng Patch ;__; unpacking and repacking CPK files from that game, it's not possible.

Diabolik Lovers game download by Tatarake · Watch · Fan Art / Digital . Is there a way to download a english patch so I can read this? Reply. I know this question might not be allowed but.. Does anyone know where I can find an english patch for the first diabolik lovers game for PSP?. I wanted to try and make some sort of patches translating them into English. for fuelling my obsession with diabolik lovers; I especially love laito and reiji, and . I kinda doubt I want a person I don't know watch me translate THIS game xD).

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