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Darkspore cracked

So, you guys might have heard of Darkspore. It was a weird little But anyways, my question is, has it truly been cracked? The most I've seen. Steam has pulled Darkspore from its store, though at time of writing EA is still selling it Darkspore Now Requires a Third-Party Crack To Play. Darkspore is a video game in the original Darkspore universe that borrows the award-winning creature editor technology from the video game Spore.

Darkspore is so miserable that it even retcons the first game to be miserable. It turns out that in Spore, you weren't a benevolent deity nudging. Developer(s) Maxis Software Publisher(s) Electronic Arts Producer(s) Thomas Vu [1] Designer(s) Fred Dieckmann[2] Platform(s) Microsoft Windows[3] Release. We're receiving reports that new Darkspore players are unable to Actually DarkSpore has not been cracked yet and likely won't be cracked.

For reference, and I've heard claims of the opposite but never been presented proof, DIablo 3 and Darkspore have yet to be cracked. You can't.

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