Syobon action 2 with sound download

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Syobon action 2 with sound

#2 No sound. Status: open. Owner: nobody. Labels: None. Priority: 5. Updated: Created: Creator: Anonymous. Private: No. No sound. Open Syobon Action. a.k.a. Cat Mario. Original Source. Ported by @jezng using Emscripten. Everyone played Mario at least once, right? Wondering what Syobon Action is? It's a cat-mario game that really can piss anybody off. The 1st.

Open Syobon Action (オープンしょぼんのアクション) is an open-source cross- platform port of the angelXwind Fixed sound on Windows 7, updated README. md with better formatting an BGM · Initial commit of Open Syobon Action RC 2. Syobon Action is a 2D Japanese platform freeware indie video game released in December available through the Homebrew Channel and Nintendo 3DS and adds five levels from an unofficial sequel labeled Syobon Action 2. It' lacks sound at the moment but it's easy to add it. There's an english translation of Syobon Action 2 with soundfix included somewhere on.

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