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John lennon last interview

John Lennon’s last interview, taken on December 8, just few hours before his murder. John and Yoke were interviewed by Dave Sholin and Laurie Kaye. John had just finished a photo session with Annie Leibovitz for Rolling Stone magazine. Three days before he died, John Lennon talked with 'Rolling Stone' for nine hours. For the first time, we present this extraordinary interview. By. John Lennon's last days were filled with professional and domestic routines characteristic of both a typical wealthy New Yorker and a legendary.

John Lennon did not know it, of course, but it would be the last interview he ever gave. 36 years ago, John Lennon had an interview with Rolling Stone magazine. However, what makes this interview so remarkable, is that it was. John Lennon, Yoko Ono and DJ Andy Peebles Before . You can watch The Last Lennon Interview on ShowBiz TV on December 8 at pm.

The day John Lennon died 35 years ago was also the day he gave his final interview, with Westwood One News. The radio interview was.

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