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Forum icons ipb

Hi, my name is Marcel and Im from Indonesia. Im interested in IPB and wanted to play around with it, thats why I join this forum. Please take a. Download (DP33) Forum Icons (en) * 8 Votes. 1. Screenshots. Yeah, finally working on nulled IPB tested on my forum:). But if you want to replace all of your forum icons, uploading the same icon for each forum can be a bit tedious. Its easy to use some custom CSS.

Suite 4.x has a custom forum icon feature built-in by default. To set custom icons for your forums, go to Admin Cpanel Community Forums. 5 май Установите компонент. Потом делаем небольшую правку стиля: Зайдите в ACP - Внешний вид -> Ваш Стиль -> Список форумов ->. So you want different unread/read icons for each forum? If you are an IPS customer, you can download the IPB GDK which will allow you to.

Hey guys! Anyone know how to add images next to categories? I saw this in on an IPB forum and I really liked it (see attached image). Thanks. Add topic icons to newly created topics. Set which forums and member groups can use them. And which forums require a topic icon. 7 is the correct id for the "Official Forums", so my icons will be . Those were from the old IPB forum I had, where I had forums side by side and.

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